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Bluefaced Leicester Knitting Yarn


The lovely soft heathered blend of colors in these yarns comes from many batches of colored fiber carefully dyed by hand at Cedar Fen Farm from our own Bluefaced Leicester Fleeces. We prefer fiber dying because the many colors in a strand of the yarn give a depth of color to your finished garment that can't be matched by yarn dying. We send the fiber to the Mora Valley Spinning Mill because they have a worsted spinning process that creates a dense soft yarn which enhances the natural shine of the BFL fiber. This spinning process can handle the long fiber that BFL sheep grow so we can offer you a yarn that is both strong and soft.


Because the fibers lie more parallel in these semi-worsted yarns than in woolen spun knitting yarn, the yarn has more drape, but does not appear to increase in bulk as much as the weight goes up. Use a somewhat larger needle than you would for a similar appearing yarn that is woolen spun.


Please order sufficient yarn for your needs as each batch is unique and we cannot guarantee more of the same if you don't have enough for your project. Colors may vary some from the pictures.


We offer a money back guarantee if you return the yarn within 30 days and the skeins are in the same condition and wrapper they arrived in, are at the same weight, and do not smell like smoke or other noxious odors. Please check your yarn carefully and let us know immediately if you wish to return it. You pay the return shipping.

Paypal is not working all the time. Please email us if your order won't go through and we will invoice you. Thank you. Cedar Fen Farm



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