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Semen from Imported Bluefaced Leicester Rams is available to flocks of registered bluefaced leicesters. Call for availablility of straws for the rams mentioned in the article below and for our own flock rams.


Price for UK straws varies from $65-$85. Pellets from our own Cedar Fen rams are $45.


Straws can be purchased here on the site. Cost of shipping frozen semen to your location will vary depending on the shipping and storing options available to you. Please call or email for arrangements or with any questions.


we will have a shipper available for fall 2011 shipment We require a deposit for it's use. If you have your own shipper, we can arrange to have it charged with nitrogen and return the straws in it to you or your AI tech. You will be billed for the charge. Other arrangements can be made on requrest.

The Blue Alliance Investors Successfully Import Straws from 6 UK Rams


A group of BFL Union Members from both the US and Canada pulled together in 2009 with a group of UK breeders to figure out how to solve a problem that was looming in the Bluefaced Leicester breed in North America.  There simply was not a sufficiently varied genetic base to continue to grow the population of BFL’s and broaden its appeal as a commercially viable breed in North America.  More bloodlines were needed. 

Jared got the whole project started by traveling to the UK to learn more about our breed.  When he arrived back a loose group of people began comparing notes and figuring out which rams would best complement the sheep we already had.
The group includes Carol Densmore, Robina Koenig, Margaret Fryatt, Margaret VanCamp, Lisa Rodenfels, LeeAnne Richert, Kris Barndt, Kelly Ward, Kathy Davidson,  Judy Colvin,  Jody McLean, Jared Lloyd, Janice Lever, Heather Landin, Garrett Ramsey, Becky Udecht,  and Jolene Vezzetti.  In the UK was have been fortunate enough to work with Jo Binns, Matt Drummond, Phil Davies, Maldwyn Davies, Elfyn Owen, and Martyn Archer amoung the larger group of BFL breeders worked with us to identify excellent stock for possible import to North America.  The staff at Innovis was also critical to the success of the project, contributing their expertise and advice.  Without all these people’s participation and investment of time, energy, and money the project would not have come together.


It’s been a learning adventure. After a couple of false starts and some problems getting viable semen collected and shipped, the project started to come together around Christmas 2009.  Some of the UK breeders had voluntarily taken their rams in for collection on the group’s word they would purchase.  Some were waiting for firmer commitments and the season was already late for collection.  Investors were not sure what they needed to invest. Spread sheets on costs were finally pulled together with the help of Helene Garnham at Innovis.   Checks came in, the last rams were collected, health checks finished and after much paperwork the US straws collected from 6 different rams arrived in the US a couple weeks ago in time for fall breeding.  The six rams represent a variety of qualities and a range of bloodlines that we hope will compliment the North American herd. 


Cedar Fen Farm has been fortunate enough to have a supply of these UK straws on hand for our breeding program and for sale. We are also working on obtaining a second set of UK straws which are waiting at Innovis for an OK from the USDA to ship.

Black Mountain Flier Llwygy B67  

(colored BFL’s cannot be registered in the UK):
Scan Weight 3.68 (BFL Top 10%)
Muscle Depth 1.15 (BFL Top 25%) 
Index: 122
Born 5/3/09

There are straws of this ram available for purchase.

A dark colored ram from Jo Binn’s flock. Jo’s Great Llwygy farm is in Monmouthshire Wales and he breeds with a strong emphasis on performance.  His rams are chosen for their EBVs and suitability as crossing rams while still keeping to the traditional BFL standard for type.  He brings a fantastic pedigree to the lines carrying color in the North American flock. His offspring are proving to be excellent and continue to pass his characteristics to the following generation. See Cedar Fen Hickory on out ram pa


Llwygy Black Mountain B67 as a lamb fall ’09. Photos by Jared Lloyd.


He’s a big, powerful lamb who is four-square and wide made. He is skeletally correct and his bite is perfect. He has a long, wide pelvis with good angle. Legs and locomotion are correct. His fleece is dense, fine and lustrous with great handle and deep color. His pedigree is pure traditional, though the Firth flock is more recently noted for crossing Leicester stock. Excellent scrotal circumpherance.


Llwygy Black Mountain B67 summer ’10 as a yearling. Photos by Jo Binns.



His dam is deep blue and correct. She has good fleece coverage and quality. Her bite is also correct and her udder is perfect. She is notably long-topped, quite a rugged ewe, and was a little thin after weaning her humongous twins in ‘09.  Her sire, Firth R1 is also the sire of Llwygy X1 E+.
These descriptions are by Jared Lloyd who saw Jo’s sheep first hand.



Myfyrian 1183/B13 Trueblue Elite+
He has an exciting index, putting him in the top few young rams in the UK.
Total index: top 4%
Scanning wt. kgs: top 1%
8 week kgs: top 1%
mature size: top 1%
Maternal ability: top 1%
combined with a muscle depth scan: top 3%
Born 3/1/09
There are straws of this ram available.






































Owned by Phil Davies, he has proven himself to be a superior sire in his first year breeding and earned himself an Elite+.  Phil says he produced a fine crop of lambs that grew exceptionally well on grass. Coming from the Myfyrian flock with a sire like Cernyw Y1 Elite plus speaks for itself.  This is a super ram and a great addition to the US flockbook.

 “His sire Y1 Cernyw Elite plus has turned out an exceptional breeding ram with great scanning results of his progeny but has also bred many show winning animals dominating progeny shows in Wales. The dam of Trueblue has been a member of many winning progeny groups and is a member of Merfyn Robert's best family.” Quote: Phil Davies



Grugoer 2188/B1 Welshman

Born: 1/1/09
There are straws of this ram available.

Used by both Llwygy flock and Maldwyn Davies flock in fall ‘09, he will be used again by both as, according to Jo Binns ‘he threw lambs with exceptional colour’.  Maldwyn is very please with the quality of the lambs he throws. Maldwyn was one of the original supporters of the Longwool index.


Gruegor Welshman B1 was second in the show and sale in Builth Wells; B1 did also win every show that he went to in North Wales.”   Quote:  Maldwyn Davies 2009   Photo by Jared LloydWelshman’s sister took second in her class at the Royal Welsh and his mother took 3rd in the aged ewe class.






The following two rams are available for in very limited quantities under special conditions.  They are both older rams belonging to Martyn Archer and are the sires of many show champions from Martyn’s Carry House (281) flock. We hope to see lambs from these rams available in future years.


Heddon Valley 3246/X4

Twin, ARR/ARR, Born 2005

Martyn Archer Comments:
“He is probably the most consistent breeder we have used with his lambs of a very uniform type. Their breed character and style are outstanding with very good mouths, ears, top lines and legs. He hasn't grown into a big tup - he was small and stylish when I bought him but his progeny are much bigger.”


Cedar Fen has 4 rams by Heddon Valley X4and one ewe:



Hawthorn - semen pellets available




Ash, Buckthorn, and Hawthorn were all bred last fall and threw a very nicely structured and growthy group of lambs.


This UK son of Heddon Valley X4, 281/Z1 was the top priced traditional type ram sold in 2007 at the Hexham sale for the days top price of 1900 gns.


Arkelby 3865/Y1

  • Born 2006,  ARR/ARR,  Twin 

    One of the top Carry House rams.

  • Text Box:    SS:  Barleas Titus 2217/T5 E+       Sire: Rosehill 209/W1   Arkelby 3865/Y1                               DS: Pennine 78/L1                 DS: Cocklaw 119/P6       Dam: Ladybank 3746/S26  Please note that Barlaes Titus is this ram’s grandsire.  Titus is already a US sire. UK_import_article_40


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