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Availability of Spinning Fleeces

When we post the current years raw spinning fleeces, we'll send an email to those on our mailing list. If you would like to receive this notice email us.   Email



Our raw fleece pages are down right now for updating. We will be posting fleeces 2018, but not sure when. Thank you for your understanding.

Bluefaced Leicester Fleece, Icelandic, and BFL/ICE Mule - sorted, skirted, and the best offered for handspinning and crafts. The raw fleeces are sold whole. Postage is charged by weight and zone.


Note: There is only one of each whole fleece. Please be careful not to order two in the cart by accidently clicking twice. Paypal cart can't be programmed to prevent this. Thank you


If Paypal says the fleece is sold, then it is or is in someones cart. I am having trouble keeping up posting sold on the lists. Thanks for understanding.


Our Blueface Leicester (BFL) fleeces run between 2 and 5 lbs skirted. The micron count varies between 20 and 30. Some of the lamb fleeces may be finer. The 2016 fleeces are cleaner and minimal vm this year. We just built a new barn and shearing took place in March prior to lambing and wet spring weather.


Our BFL fleece varies some from sheep to sheep. All white sheep are very white after washing. There is no cream color. Colored fleeces range from black to silver with brown or caramel tips and the color mix will vary from fleece to fleece. The color you see on your computer screen may not be exactly the same as the fleece. If you have questions email us.


We have included a couple 7/8 BFL from our Mule flock on the BFL page. They are perfect BFL fleeces at the higher micron end of the BFL range. Easy spinning - a range prefered by many.


We will also post when ready some Icelandic and Icelandic/BFL (Mule) fleeces . The Icelandic are dual coated sheep with a fine under coat (thel) and a coarser over coat (tog). The thel is as soft as very fine merino. The Mule fleeces are heavy thick single fiber fleeces that tend to be similiar in micron count to BL fleeces but have a soft hand and marvelous colors.


There are still a couple commercial Finn/Polypay cross fleeces from last year. They are very fine and lovely soft to work with. These are from a neighbor's high production herd and we are trialing the fine soft wool to see if there is interest. We estimate the fiber is between 18 and 21 microns. They are as soft and fine as commercial merino.


All these are fleeces off animals that live outside. They are not kept in coats. We keep the sheep as clean as possible and they do not have ticks or mites in their wool, but there will be dirt, some vegetable matter, and they smell. We skirt the fleeces to remove dung and felted or damaged fiber. Dirt and grease will wash out. Only fleeces with quality spinning fiber and minimal vegetable matter are sold as raw spinning fleeces. We do not sell raw fleeces that we would not be comfortable processing for handspinning ourselves. While we typically remove any breach or neck fleece that is significantly coarser than the rest of the fleece, on a colored fleece where there is a darker or black edge, we will leave on more if the fiber is good, because the darker edge gives the artist some variety to work with.


We recommend you purchase washed/dyed fleece if you are unfamiliar with the process for cleaning a fleece or are uncomfortable handling smelly, dirty items in your home. For information on washing fleeces click on Topics/About Fleeces to your left on this page. If you have questions email us.


The standard for purebred BFL is 21-28 microns. Testing has shown that a very high percentage of the purebred registered BFL stock in the US falls within this standard. Outliers are rarely more than 30 microns. Lamb fleece is commonly below 21 microns. This is very fine fleece, at the lower end and on lambs competing with the fineness of merino. Fleeces at the higher end of the standard make the best decorative locks for a curly look. The pearled lock structure is frequently passed on to grade offspring with a higher micron count (30's) and the higher micron count makes a much more robust lock for decorations. Fine purebred BFL is especially suited for fine wearables, as it is exquisitely soft with a beautiful sheen. It mixes well with other fine fibers like angora, merino, and silk.


Please be aware how fine purebred BFL fleeces are, especially lamb fleeces. Processing very fine fiber takes extra work, but if you are looking for a bright fiber with a slinky hand in the same catagory as silk, merino, and angora, BFL is an excellent choice.


On all fine fleece some picking of the washed locks apart with your fingers is necessary before carding. A tight BFL curl on the fine fleeces makes this necessary to avoid knotting the fiber.


Very fine fleece does not hold the lock structure well when washed for projects requiring that curly look. This fleece was washed with spinners in mind and was not washed to specifically retain lock structure, but rather to release as much dirt as possible. The pictures give a fair idea how much lock structure is retained. If you are looking for locks that are crisp and really hold their shape you might try a BL/BFL cross fleece that has the purled lock structure. Washing the fleece yourself, a few locks at a time will retain the original structure the best. If you are looking for doll hair, email your requirements and we can see if we have one that will



Please email us with questions: Cedar Fen Farm


Notes on the listings. Please read:


Lock lengths are measure on loose locks without pulling the crimp out. The actual fiber length may be up to an inch longer.


The purebred fleece is graded as fine, med, or heavy within the micron range of the breed. For instance, a fine BFL or Finn fleece will run around 21 microns. Icelandics have a very fine undercoat and and coarser long fleece. Mules tend to be between 30 and 45 microns unless noted otherwise.


Fine lamb tends to be tippy because the first growth is extremely fine and weathers.


If we feel there is sufficient greasy dirt to add more weight than usual, it will be noted and the price per lb reduced.


Return policy on fleece:

We understand that your processing capabilities may not be the same as ours. You may return any whole fleeces or full orders of bulk fleece within 15 days if you do not feel the fiber meets your needs. If you wish to return the fleece you receive, it must come back in the same condition and the same weight we sent you. We do not take back partial orders that have been picked through. Examine the fleece carefully and gently before you decide to keep it. If you pull it apart, remove pieces, and/or wash it, we cannot refund your money because we will not be able to resell it. When returning a fleece, you pay the return shipping and we will refund the price if the fleece is in the same condition we sent it. If you have any questions about our return policy or what a raw spinning fleece is, please email so we can discuss your situation before you return it.



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Washed and Dyed Fleeces and Locks


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