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Bluefaced Leicester Lambs


We have no lambs for sale at this time. We have a couple of colored yearling rams for sale you will find on the ram page.


Check out the pedigrees and note how varied the bloodlines are. We have a BFL that can complement whatever your breeding objectives are. Our goal is to make the new imported UK lines available to all. See our AI page for a description of some of the newer UK imports. Cedar Fen Imports

If you are looking for a crossing ram, note that the finer thinner fleeced rams produce a better fleece on the crossbred offspring. In the UK this is called 'thin skin' and refers to a lack of fleece that crosses with the coarse fleeced hill ewes to produce a mule ewe with a commercially valuable fleece.


If your herd is focused on Bluefaced Leicester fleece production, check out our best fleece lines from Rory, Leska, Liz, Wallis, and Mooreen. UK Beeston's Blackmoor and selected old domestic lines are a contributing factor in high fleece production.


All of our breeding stock comes with a guarantee of fertillity. If they fail to produce the first two consecutive seasons or you have a vet diagnose infertility, we will replace the sheep with as similiar an animal as we can. We find that blueface leicester ram lambs typically do very well the first year as soon as they are tall enough to mount a ewe.


Our lambs are fed on rotated mixed clover, grass pasture with a bit over two lbs a day of 2/3 whole corn, 1/3 soy meal, and free feed mineral and calcium carbonate (sweet lime). They are innoculated for 8-way clostridium/tetnus and pneumonia and wormed as needed. We are tested OPP, CL, and Johnes free. The herd has been Scrapies Certified until the program changed this year. We have left that program and will codon test next year. The flock is closed and all new bloodlines are introduced via AI.


To purchase Bluefaced Leicester fleece or Bluefaced Leicester yarn follow these links:




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