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Bluefaced Leicester
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Bluefaced Leicesters originated as a type of Hexham Leicester in the 1930’s.  Hexhams were used primarily as breeding rams on the hardy hill breeds such as Scottish Blackface and Swaledales.  The resulting commercial ewes (called mules) were highly valued for both their mothering abilities, ‘milkiness’, twinning, and quality fleece production. The Bluefaced type of Leicester became the prefered sire for mule ewes due to some excellent breeders who developed these lines.  Conformation and fine fleece were always emphasized in the BFL rams. However, the breed standard was not officially established until after the formation of the Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Breeders Association in the UK in 1963.  By that time, the commercial importance of the mule ewe was well established in the UK and was increasing in popularity in other parts of the world.  Bloodlines from a few flocks that had made their way into North America were consolidated and UK semen imported in the 1990’s by the founders of the US Bluefaced Leicester flock book.  Interest in the the commercial value of mule ewes and their Bluefaced Leicester sires is just beginning to take off in the US.  Emphasis on both commercial meat production and quality fleece continues in our breeding program.
Our Bluefaced Leicesters have a high percentage of UK Bluefaced Leicester bloodlines from rams with superior production records.  Our ewes are selected for type, hardiness on managed pasture, mothering ability, and fine wool.
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