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Washed and Dyed Fleece

You may order individual fleeces (top of list) or by oz or by half lb from the bulk fleece (end of list) .

Postage is charged by weight and by zone.


These fleeces have been carefully washed but these are fleeces off animals that live outside. and there will be dirt, some vegetable matter. Most will fall out during processing and subsequent washing. Only fleeces with quality spinning fiber and minimal vegetable matter are sold as raw spinning fleeces. If you purshase a whole single fleece the fiber will be quite consistent. The bulk locks are a mix of various fleeces and will vary some in fiber count.


On all fine fleece some picking of the washed locks apart with your fingers is necessary before carding. A tight BFL purl structure on the fine fleeces makes this necessary to avoid knotting the fiber.


We recommend you purchase washed fleece from this page iif you are unfamiliar with the process for cleaning a fleece or are uncomfortable handling smelly, dirty items in your home. For information on washing fleeces click on Topics/About Fleeces to your left on this page. If you have questions email us.


The dye used is acid fast protein reactive dye. It is very light and wash fast color. we use it because it generates a minimum of waste which is relatively non-toxic and biodegradable. To be light fast, natrual dyes need heavy metal mordants which are very dangerous and enviromentally toxic, so we do not use natural dye. If you are curious about the chemistry, there are plenty of articles on the web. Here's one from Dharma Trading: Acid Dye Chemistry


Note: The Yellow can in the dyed fleece pictures allowed the camera to focus on the same color each time. You can pick up a can of Lemon Pledge for reference to these colors as they show in your browser.


Please email us with questions: Cedar Fen Farm


Lock lengths are measure on loose locks without pulling the crimp out. The fiber can be as much as an inch longer than the lock length.


To return to the raw fleeces for sale click on the Breed to see the fleeces for that Breed.

Click on the pictures under each to see a full screen view of the picture.


Spinning Fleece Home Page


Bluefaced Leicester (BFL)


Icelandic (ICE) and Mule (ICExBFL)


Finn Sheep (FINN)



Washed Single Fleeces

Note: There is only one of each whole fleece. Please be careful not to order two in the cart by accident. Paypal cart can't be programmed to prevent this. Thank you.

Washed Locks


Dyed Locks


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or by LB


1 OZ -Natural Washed
1/2lb Natural Washed - save $4
1 OZ - Washed Dyed
1/2lb Dyed Washed

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